Basic Linux Command Line Tutorial

Introduction To Linux

The Linux command line is a powerful tool for interacting with your computer. It allows you to execute various commands and perform a wide range of tasks. This tutorial will introduce you to some basic command line commands.


Command Description Example
sudo execute a command as root $ sudo mkdir mydir
ls List files and directories $ ls
cd Change directory $ cd Documents
mkdir Create a directory $ mkdir mydir
rm Remove files and directories $ rm myfile.txt
cp Copy files and directories $ cp myfile.txt /path/to/destination
mv Move/rename files and directories $ mv myfile.txt /path/to/destination
cat Display file content $ cat myfile.txt


These are just a few basic Linux command line commands to get you started. There are many more commands available, each with its own set of options and functionalities. Exploring and mastering the command line will greatly enhance your Linux experience.

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