Personal Training for Ethical Hacking


-Using A VPN
-Hacking Basics
-Intro To Linux
-Exploiting WebDAV
-Hack Wifi
-Ngrok with Beef-XSS
-Using Proxychains
-Netcat Basic Usage
-Nmap Tutorial
-Password Attacks
-How to use Wireshark


-Intro To Python
-Intermediate Python
-Python Port Scanner
-Python Sandbox
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Learn2hack offers free, easy to read tutorials that you can find in the sidebar to the left. From there we step it up with live, one-on-one personal training starting at $125.95(USD) a month. For a limited time, the first lesson is FREE so you've got nothing to lose.

Learn to Hack

Major Updates and New Format Coming Soon!

We're excited to announce some major updates to our platform. Get ready for a new format that will offer an extensive range of tutorials following the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

New Team, New Expertise

Introducing our new team of experts dedicated to providing you with top-notch content and guidance. Our diverse team brings a wealth of experience in ethical hacking, cybersecurity, and the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

What's New?

Prepare yourself for an enriched learning experience. Stay tuned for updates on our new tutorials, quizzes, and tools that will empower you to become a skilled ethical hacker.

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Things you will need


We will provide you with access to our secure console via RustDesk. This powerful software enables remote access to our learning environment, allowing you to practice and hone your skills effectively.

Get It Here: RustDesk


For Real-Time Communication. We have set up a dedicated Telegram group where you can interact with our knowledgeable instructors and fellow learners. This platform ensures instant communication and support throughout your learning journey. once downloaded please add @usethisusername to begin real-time communication.

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Tevin's Testimonial

I had a fantastic experience learning hacking from Learn2Hack. They provided me with excellent guidance and support throughout the entire process and i could learn when I wanted, there was always somebody available when I wanted to learn.

I was able to grasp complex hacking concepts and techniques with ease. The instructors at Learn2Hack made the learning process engaging, interactive, and practical.

Whenever I needed assistance or had questions, somebody was always there to help, ensuring that I had a smooth learning journey.

I highly recommend Learn2Hack to anyone looking to learn hacking or enhance their cybersecurity knowledge. You won't be disappointed!

- Tevin

learn to hack

Image taken from conversation with Tevin over Telegram

Learn2hack's own hacking tools!


FSK is a powerful tool designed for testing password strength in FTP and SSH services. It comes with a range of advanced features:

  • Password Spraying: FSK conducts a spraying attack, attempting multiple passwords for each user.
  • Password Randomization: Generates random passwords for testing.
  • Rotating Proxies: Supports rotating through proxy servers for enhanced anonymity.
  • Tor Integration: Allows for anonymization using the Tor network.
  • Authentication Type Check: Detects and handles different authentication methods.
  • Error Reporting: Provides detailed error messages for effective troubleshooting.
  • Logging Found Credentials: Logs successfully found credentials for later analysis.

Check it out on Github:



HashKiller is a powerful tool designed for brute-forcing hashed passwords. It supports various hash algorithms including MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512(UNIX), and Windows NT hashes.


  • Multi-Threaded Brute Force: Utilizes multiple threads to speed up the brute-forcing process.
  • Dynamic Safety Levels: Allows for CPU usage reduction during brute-forcing for improved system performance.
  • Real-time Resource Monitoring: Displays CPU and memory usage during the process.
  • Supports Various Hash Algorithms: Supports MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512(UNIX), and Windows NT hashes.

Check it out on Github:


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